Thomas Loudis Papanikolaou

Dr. Thomas Loudis Papanikolaou is a geodetic scientist who works in fields of Earth sciences and space research, specialised in space geodesy and astrodynamics with profound expertise in precise orbit determination and gravity field modelling.


Research topics and areas of expertise also include orbital dynamics of Low Earth Orbiters (LEOs), Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), data analysis of satellite gravity missions (GRACE Follow-OnGRACEGOCE) for Earth system science and gravitational field investigations.


Thomas is the creator and author of the GEORB (Gravity and precisE ORBit determination system), an open source software package for precise orbit determination of LEOs, gravity field recovery and design of space missions. 


Currently, working on the design of an Earth Orbital Space monitoring system (low Earth orbiters, space debris) and advanced concepts of future space gravity missions.